Wireless Mobi Solution, Inc. (WMS) is a privately held company founded in 2008. The Company’s original mission and role was to provide wireless expertise to our enterprise customers by developing wireless devices, software and infrastructure solutions, with a longer term goal of developing its own proprietary innovative technology, mobile devices and solutions.

The Movi Smartphone was born out of WMS’ years of diligent research and development. WMS has evolved to include specializing, designing, developing and manufacturing of high quality mobile technology, with the mantra of "better and affordable wireless experiences" for consumers.

With a diverse design team located in San Diego, WMS has designed the Movi Smartphone by focusing on the consumer who relies on their Smartphone for enjoying streaming digital content, popular Google Applications along with every day functions. Unlike other technologies that have been integrated into wireless devices, the Movi Smartphone’s High Definition (HD) projection feature will bring an entirely new segment of consumers into the market. This new segment will include consumers who are projection and television enthusiasts as well as consumers who currently purchase devices based upon the expectation of high definition viewing. These expectations will make WMS’ innovative technology and the Movi Smartphone a sought after device for consumers, educators and mobile workers, alike. WMS' vision is to bring tomorrow to our customers, today.


 Bring efficiency for business and more fun to amusement

  • Break space restriction of smart phone, enjoy big-screen videos
  • TV in your pocket, portable high-definition entertainment
  • Effortless display. Share multimedia contents stored onto walls, ceilings
  • Thin, elegant design. Keep up with the latest fashion
  • Impressive image clarity, a vivid and large luminous screen
  • Powerful battery enable a longer standby life
  • Android operating system and a deeper projection experience