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Next Generation MOVI PHONE COMING SOON Q2, 2018

Wireless Mobi Solutions, Inc. (“WMS”) is a mobile technology company specializing in the development and manufacturing of mobile telephone handsets that is anticipated to become the replacement for the laptop computer due to the revolutionary technology embedded in the Company’s handset. The Company has completed development of, and is bringing to market, its patent-pending “break out” technology which is expected by WMS management to revolutionize the market for hand-held devices.

The technology will embed a High Definition display projector into smartphones, enabling the device to project with large size and high quality whatever images, movies, events, or other content are embedded in the smartphone. This technology, and the device itself, is expected to revolutionize its use in business, entertainment, heads-up displays, education presentations, personal displays, interactive projection, gaming, 3D projection and home theater.